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Surely Cymru and Wales are two different places. They must be, for the languages that contain them, Welsh and English, hold such vastly different memories. In Wales the shorn flanks of the great, catapulting hills and the mottled pasturelands of the valleys are a consolation prize; in Cymru they’re home.
Pamela Petro 1997, Travels in an Old Tongue: Touring the World Speaking Welsh

You ever tried living off a couple weeks worth of clothes for 5 months?

Yeah all of my pants have holes in them and the disease is starting to move on to my leggings.

I think I’m going to just throw these away before I leave. Mom will make me throw them away anyway when I get home and they’ll just take up luggage space. :) Protip for future travelers: Go ahead and take clothes you know you won’t want after your travels. More room for souvenirs. ;D

Uh there is nothing attractive about this video at all. I was very tired and didn’t want to do anything to freshen up. So, uh… sorry about that. Also, hello double chin. What are you still doing here?

Sorry it’s been so long since an update. I’ll try to keep this blog more up to date in the future. I’ll work on it after the weekend. I love you all! Thank you again, mom, for the package!!

Oh, also please note that YouCam kind of messes up in the beginning. That’s not your computer, that’s the video. I go silent for a little bit until I pull out the chocolate box. Then my voice kind of fluctuates for a bit before everything goes back to normal. It’s a little wonky toward the end, but nothing damaging to the experience.


A Wale of a Tale: Thank You!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Judy, Ed, Shannon, Joni, Jeff, Troy, Lynne, Eliana, Noah, Baby, Lisa, Erik, Judy, Ed, Kelty, Janie, Troy, Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and Dad,

I just got a package in the mail from you and it made me so happy! I can’t say how good it is to hear from home. It means a lot to me that people took…

Hope you don’t mind me reblogging this, Gina. Just wanted to show my family what awesome families my friends have. You know. Just so they know that I’m the only one who didn’t get a care package. Just saying.

(lol just to clarify, I’m mostly posting this to tease my mom. No one feel an obligation to send me stuff. :3)



Tomorrow during the Super Bowl, Americans will eat an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings. Pull up a chair, grab some napkins, and leave the ranch dressing at home, because Joe Ray brought back some wing wisdom from Buffalo, N.Y., birthplace of the spicy snack. 

We met on Main Street at Frank and Teressa’s Anchor Bar, which is, slightly debatably, where wings were invented. The gist of the most common folk history is that the bartender’s drunken friends came in late one night in 1964 looking for something to ward off a pending hangover. All Teressa had in the fridge were some wings, hot sauce and butter.

“Truth is, nobody wants to admit how simple making wings is,” said [chef Andy] Denne, while ordering a few. “There’s no secret. You deep fry ’em ’til they’re cooked, then toss ’em in hot sauce and butter.”

You know who couldn’t have wings? Me.

I have never wanted Buffalo Wild Wings so much in my entire life.

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